today at around one o’clock molly parked at my place and i drove us out to Talk of the Town, a wonderful vintage and costume clothing shop on reading road in cincinnati!  i’d never been before and it was amazing!! so many gloves that adhered to my tiny hands like, well, like gloves.  hah.  there were so many loverly hats with fur, feathers, beading, and other details both classy and crafty!  since i wasn’t sure if my landlord had cashed my rent check for oktober yet, i hesitated to procure anything.. le grand soir.  and one of the fur hats i’d been considering was beguiled out of my hands by a hat addict…who looked quite trashy in said hat, while i had looked adorable.  whore.  ahhh well..  molly procured the dress for her hallowe’en costume!  i won’t give it away, but there will hopefully be fur involved in some way.  i was invited to a outer-space themed hallowe’en party- so i am going to be a Futurama head of a noted figure- sorry, no spoilers here!  however, i am hoping that there will be another party for me to attend, so that i may dress up as a somewhat androgenous british male youngster from the late 1800s or early 1900s…. think: shorts, knee socks…polished shoes….. hmmm..

i just painted my fingernails a deep, smokey plum- so satisfying. i almost sat down to sew a collar for one of my blouses i designed..but ive been coming down with a bit of a chest cold for the past few days and i feel hungover, though i havna had an alcoholic beverage since the weekend, and then only one kingfisher at baba’s. [[baba india restaurant]]

molly and i are planning an outing to Burger Farm’s pumpkin fest the weekend of the 23rd, i’m so excited!!  i’m going to converse with molly about perhaps continuing the frolicking afterward back at my place to bake this:

it looks so delectable! and quite fitting for the season!

hmm…well, im off for now! g’night.